Phone Systems & Service

Whether your business has low or high call volumes, 10, 100 or 1,000+ users, we will keep your business flowing with VOIP (Voice over Internet Provider) hosted phone systems and service that allow for a more efficient solution that is transmitted over the internet. Our team will provide a thorough review of your business to understand the number of calls you are receiving daily, weekly, or monthly, and provide a solution to help you improve efficiency, business, and customer experience.

Our installed systems allow for more inbound call flexibility, enabling features such as custom groups that calls route to, on hold music, multiple extensions and mailboxes, and messages sent to email… and it is a more cost-effective route for business owners.

Forefront Solutions also offers physical phone hardware and on-premises phone systems known as a PBX. A PBX server routes calls among extension devices (desktop phones) and are used for large offices who need to direct calls within their own building or when an outside provider hosts the incoming phone lines.

Contact us to help you discover ways to increase business, enhance customer service, and lower costs with streamlined communications that your customers will love!

Phone with Operator Headset