Door Access Systems

Traditional door locks and keys have historically worked well for private domestic access but are not the best option for businesses with remote facilities because they do not limit the key holder to specific times, dates or permitted access areas. Traditional keys can be easily copied and given to or taken by an unauthorized person and they don’t provide data or records if the key was used on a specific door. In addition, traditional keys can be a hassle and time consuming when employee privileges to an area are revoked or a key is lost… requiring locks to be re-keyed to ensure business security.

Whether you need to control who enters and exits your place of business or when and where entry and exit can occur, digital door access systems have been found to be more efficient than traditional lock-and-key systems simplifying employee access to your building. These installed door access systems use a controller to connect door readers. The reader allows employees to enter the building by using a key card or key fob. Also available are door readers with a number pad requiring employees to enter their own unique code to enter the building. At the extremely basic level, door access systems replace the need for a physical key and make entering/exiting more efficient and secure. Added benefits include data on who enters and exits a building or room and when it occurred as well as assurance employees are working when they are supposed to be.

Door access systems have also proven to deter vandalism, trespassing, unwanted visitors, and criminal activity. If an accident or theft occurs, you’ll have information on who may have accessed a specific area at the time of the incident.

You can count on the Forefront Solutions team to assess your organization’s unique requirements and provide the best door access system to suit your needs.

Scanning HID Card for Door Access