Camera Systems

You have a business to run, places to be, people to manage and big decisions to make. Forefront Solutions can help you be in two places at once with our installed camera systems. When it is time to have an extra set of all-seeing eyes on your business to provide visibility, security, employee safety and increased productivity, the addition of a camera system will prove to be an invaluable resource for your business.

Besides being an effective burglar deterrent system and discouraging shoplifters, camera systems have been proven to increase employee productivity encouraging them to stay focused on their work while on company time. They have also proven to be a preventative for workplace harassment, provide fraud protection by discouraging employee theft and using them to monitor conditions and identify any potential workplace hazards or behaviors, could save your company from work-related injuries.

To keep costs low, we allow customers to self-monitor via the use of recording software on the server as well as linking the cameras to be viewed on computers and mobile devices. Forefront Solutions utilizes the latest camera technology with varying quality depending on our customers preference.

Our expert team’s skillset includes:

  • Installing indoor camera systems that provide wide viewing angle, HD resolution, night vision, motion detection, automatic recording, and remote monitoring.
  • Installation of outdoor weatherproof camera systems that provide clear footage under extreme lighting conditions, HD resolution, wide field of view, night vision and low-light performance, license plate readers, motion detection, automatic recording, after-hours viewing capability and sufficient cloud storage options.
  • Installing doorbell cameras for residences and business offices without a receptionist or an organization needing to keep the doors locked for security reasons.
Camera with Ipad