Who Are We?

Forefront Solutions began over twenty years ago in order to provide the smaller, more flexible IT department small-to-mid-sized businesses need. Starting off so small has given us a real advantage and solid base in customer service, and even though we have grown a lot over the years, we hold firm to our roots as a small business, while our bigger size allows us to truly fit all of your needs. We have put together a dynamic team of IT workers, engineers, operations team, and a 24/7 help desk to work together to solve any issue your company may be having. When it comes to solving your issues, money is our last priority and we are fully focused on ensuring your return on investment in record time. Whether it’s through your phone services or completely overhauling your systems and infrastructure, we care about meeting your needs. We can take care of you from the phone all the way to your door systems, which makes it easier for us to truly say that our goal as a business is to ensure that yours is running as smoothly as possible.


Customized IT Outsourcing and Support

Our level of experience makes it easy for our team to fully assess and meet your IT needs. Since we want to meet your needs, whatever they are, we prioritize a strong dynamic team of IT workers and engineers who have the capability to fully staff your IT department or to train and on-board your staff to work with the systems you need. We offer this to ensure that whatever level of IT help you need, you’ll get it as seamlessly as possible. Not to mention our 24-hour help desk that will ensure no matter when you have a problem, we’ll be there to answer it.

Hardware & Software Procurement

We offer effortless purchasing and leasing for your company, which includes onsite unpacking and set up– which in turn saves you time, stress, and money! We can come to you and do a thorough assessment of your needs and space, using that information to then find the software out there that would fit your needs best. Since we have the knowledge and experience with software, choosing us to set everything up for you removes all of the guesswork, and makes things easier on you. After our assessment, we can make the best recommendations for hardware and software to meet your needs, and can even oversee all of your warranties and software licenses, giving a streamlined effect to the whole aspect of your office.

Hosted Cloud Services

When it comes to IT, some things don’t need a physical space– we are happy to supply you with whatever level of off-site space you need. Since having the most up-to-date software and applications is essential to running a successful business, we are fully versed in a wide variety of the best and newest in software and applications to fully help you understand them and choose what you need for your business. Some of the more essential services we provide are VOIP, email back-up, disaster recovery solutions, EMR/EHR, and practice management softwares. Bottom line: we choose the best for you to make sure you’re protected when it matters.

Cabling Infrastructure

Whether you’re moving into a new building, remodeling, or just need some help in a messy cable room, we’ve got your back! We can help you design and install your data, voice, and network cabling, network design, documentation, pulling off and mounting cables, cable performance testing, wire closet selection, and jack installation. We’re willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that your work room is really working for you. The importance of this room? When there’s structure to your cabling infrastructure, whenever issues or changes arise, it all becomes much simpler to solve the problem or to bring everything up to date with your new systems and plans.


We understand that safety and security is a huge concern, and that’s why it’s one of our top priorities! To begin to address all of your needs, we provide access control and video management systems that can be integrated into a range of security management functions and devices that have the ability to ensure your safety. Not only can we supply your physical security devices such as card readers, alarm points, relays, temp points, and video applications, we can also meet your cyber security needs with recommending and installing firewalls, as well as keeping up the management of them, and IPS/IDS security appliances, to ensure that you’re safe in the real world and on the internet.

Whatever Your Technology Need, We Can Help

No matter the need, big or small, it’s our goal to be able to meet your needs. Our experts can make technology work for you, no matter what line of work you’re in. We want you to be able to keep your business functioning at full capacity, making your technology experience seamless so you can focus on what you do best- running your business!

Key Industries

Customized Solutions

Forefront Solutions has decades of experience and has worked with many different companies from a wide variety of industries. Our experts can make technology work for you, no matter what line of work you’re in.







Small to Medium Businesses
  • Assist in audit situations
  • Contract services available
  • Flexible to meet your needs!
  • Cyber protection
  • Get your work room situated for success
  • “Fiserve”
  • Privacy
  • Security-Cameras/Doors
  • Firewalls
  • Educational materials for staff to be more safe on the internet–protection for banks!
  • HIPAA compliance
  • patient data–cloud/security
  • Privacy
  • Phones
  • Networking
  • Education gets special rates!
  • Gets a special rate too!
  • Flexible to work with a fluctuating budget or limited resources
  • Contracted services
  • Wifi
  • Integration of technology into sunday experience
  • One stop for your needs!

Corporate Partners

Providing The Best Products

Forefront Solutions carefully considers partner vendors to ensure that our clients receive the best performance in advanced technology for IT Management Services.

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